Our singular goal is to develop long term partnerships through superior customer service. Our singular product is bare printed circuit boards. We have a depth of PCB manufacturing experience and knowledge and share it with our customers as we strive for continuous improvement.

Superior Customer Service – what does that mean? – For Cambridge that means trying to alleviate as many frustrations for buyers and engineers as possible. The human touch, answering the phone, asking questions, clarifying issues, resolving engineering queries as quickly as possible, to be straight forward and communicate delays as soon as known, advising when shipments are in transit.

Cambridge America addresses all of our customer frustrations to eliminate headaches. We will count the manufacturing and shipping days with you at the time of purchase and give you our best estimated “in-house date”. We consider Asian holiday interruption or shut down times in scheduling and provide advance notice to our customers for their benefit; our on-time delivery is the number one factor in our long term partnerships. A call to us will be handled by an experienced customer sales rep; emails will be returned promptly. We have made key contacts with our manufacturing partners and avoid the “communication” problem. The CAM hold/Engineering Queries are mostly answered through our experience; true conflicts in your Gerber supplied data will be forwarded to you, Cambridge filters the requests for the PCB manufacturer; we are serving your interests.

Our pricing speaks for itself; try a quote!

That’s “why” Cambridge America and why we say:

It’s easy to do business with us; try us and see…