Cambridge America moved to its present location due to its need to expand the warehousing capability of the company in 2008. Our warehouse is now 3,200 sq.ft. and is used exclusively for stocking our customer’s PCB products. The facility is protected by video surveillance and a central station alarm system.

Literally a “small-medium-large” truck fleet is available to handle all deliveries, no matter the size, from quick-turn prototypes, to high volume production quantities within our delivery area.

Distribution Area Map:

Map Distributions

Cambridge America continues to acquire inspection tools that are used to assist our customers. Most notably, CA purchased a score line depth measuring device that many board users do not own. Score line depth control is critical and measuring the depth is quite difficult using conventional measuring equipment. We provide this measurement service to our customers.

CA also makes much use of an electronic microscope in inspection of boards as well as communicating via emailed pictures with both our customers and our manufacturers.