Embedded Capacitance PCB from Cambridge America are designed and manufactured using highest standards and practices.

Embedded Capacitance PCB are finding their way into high speed multilayer printed circuit boards, servers, routers, back panels, military, and aerospace, as well as graphics processing applications . Embedded Capacitance PCB technology is also economical in printed circuit boards with >4 SMT by-pass capacitors per square inch.

The advantages are plentiful. Improved PCB performance; reduced “noise”; reduced board area; reduced or eliminated discrete SMT capacitors; reduced solder joints; reduced via holes are among the advantages. An Embedded Capacitance PCB essentially has an extremely thin dielectric between copper layers. Typically this thin layer is used between a power and ground plane in a multilayer PCB.

Cambridge America has partnered with a board manufacturer who uses 3M Embedded Capacitance Material that is 14 microns thick made of a ceramic filled epoxy and has a capacitance value of 6.4nF/In2.

Cambridge America, LLC has over 30 years of management and engineering experience and is a professional supplier of bare, unpopulated Printed Circuit Boards. As a professional supplier of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s), Cambridge America offers: prototype, pre-production, as well as low, medium and high volume production capabilities for manufactures in North America.

Since our only business is the distribution of bare PCB’s unlike other PCB suppliers, we can deliver the right product, at the right price at the right time. We eliminate your hassles and headaches, by providing personal on-the-phone service. With our human touch, we answer the phone, answer your questions, clarify any issues and resolving engineering queries as quickly as possible. We are straight forward and communicate delays as soon as known, advising when shipments are in transit.

We are a PCB Supplier of Both Conventional and Flex Boards


  • At Cambridge America, we offer a wide range of products and specialty:
  • Single and double sided boards
  • Multilayer boards (4-10)
  • Flex (Single, Double Sided and Multilayer)
  • White, Green and Black Soldermask
  • Gold Fingers Hard Plated and Electroless
  • OSP Finish
  • HASL (HAL) and Leadfree HAL
  • Carbon Fingers
  • Scored and Routed Contours
  • Immersion Silver

About Cambridge America
Cambridge America was founded in 2001. The unique business plan that allows Cambridge America to take ownership as well as responsibility of our customer’s PCB products has served us well and allowed us to distinguish ourselves from numerous distributor organizations that typically “drop ship” to their customers without ever touching or looking at the product. Our success and growth since 2001 through the recent turbulent years shows concrete proof of an effective and prudent business plan.