Single and Double Sided Scored and Routed Contours Green Soldermask Carbon Fingers

Rigid-Flex Hibrid PCBs

 Rigid-Flex Hibrid PCBs

Rigid-Flex is a hybrid circuit board whose largest users are the military and aerospace sectors; increasingly, though as prices decrease, the technology is finding its way into hand held consumer electronics and implanted biomedical [Read More]

Led PCBs Metal Core PCBs (MCPCB)

Led PCBs Metal Core PCBs Cambridge America, with much experience, serves the needs of the exponentially expanding LED lighting market. Because LED efficiency is lost as temper [Read More]

What We Do

Cambridge America, LLC, founded in 2001, now located in Branford, Connecticut USA, is a professional supplier of bare, unpopulated Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's). With thirty years experience in Cambridge America's management and engineering areas, we have selected responsive manufacturing partners and developed effective communication channels. Our Customer Service Area has a focused Quoting Team offering same-day quotes, along with our dedicated, enthusiastic Ordering / Receiving and Shipping Team that does everything in their ability to ensure accurate, on-time shipments. Cambridge's PCB manufacturing partners offer Quick-Turn-Around (QTA) prototypes, pre-production, low, medium, and high volume production quantities. Our partners are located both in the United States and Asia. Our PCB capabilities and factory line of products is exhaustive. We supply conventional rigid (FR-4) and flexible circuits, from one (1) layer to twelve (12)layers with multiple metal finish choices, including RoHS compliant. We specialize in Light Emitting Diode (LED) circuit boards utilizing aluminum core substrate for heat dissipation as well as via-hole plugging and heavy copper substrates. Additionally we offer Rigid-Flex hybrids that fulfill 3D application requirements and Embedded Capacitance PCB's utilizing 3-M's C-Ply for controlling high speed frequency noise issues. Years of culling the supplier base ensures consistently the highest quality printed circuit boards. Our broad supplier base allows for selection of the best delivery and pricing to meet your needs. Cambridge America's warehouse allows for stocking your uniquely designed PCB's, we assume ownership, and responsibility, until shipped from our Connecticut dock to your door. With worldwide distribution capabilities, Cambridge America also offers in-house delivery capabilities to the Northeast U.S.A. area. We can accommodate your Just in Time (JIT), Dock-to-Stock, "Lean", or Kanban requirements too. The goal of Cambridge America is to develop long term partnerships through superior customer service, sharing our product specific knowledge and continuous improvement.

One Stop Shopping

Our business plan offers both quick turn quantities shipped directly to you and high volume production volumes that we stock in our Connecticut warehouse and ship as scheduled for your JIT needs.

Quick Turn Prototypes

Our experience indicates that high volume production shops are not as reliable as a dedicated Quick Turn factory. We are partnered with multiple dedicated QT shops and can offer next day service on orders for 1 or 2 layer boards purchased before 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time.

LED Lighting and Thermal Solutions

Our business has grown and, expertise is sought, primarily in the solid state lighting industry. By using several factories, we offer a wide range of LED circuit board solutions, from thermal via holes to single and two layer metal core boards on aluminum and copper bases. We utilize thermally conductive dielectrics from Arlon, Totking, Berquist, Chin-Shi, Laird, Kinwong, and others.